Fleece N Fluffy

Fleece and Care

All items are made from fleece material.  Fleece fabric used is either Sub Ice Fleece, Arctic Fleece or Mountain Fleece.  All items are measured, hand cut and tied by hand.  All measurements given are prior to tying unless otherwise stated. I cut a 3" fleece fringe.  

Custom choices, fleece designs are very seasonal, so what is made this year is not next. Solid colors are usually available all year round.  If their is a specific color or design choice you have, please email me and I will see what I can do for you.  

Recommended Care Instructions Ponchos, Blankets & PIllows:  Wash on gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on gentle cycle with low heat. ( I however, just throw mine in the washer and dryer with all my regular laundry, and they turn out fine)

Pillow forms are 100% polyester

Rugs are not tied, but fleece pieces are pulled through.  Rug backing is a non-slip rug underlay. 

Recommended Care Instructions Rugs: Wash on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Shake and fluff when dry.   (I have washed mine many times, and approximately 10 pieces fall out, I just turn over the rug and put piece back in.) I recently bought a mesh laundry bag to wash it in, and only one came out, so I would suggest this.  Makes it very easy to wash the rug.